Addicted your phone?

Shilling helps you save or invest your screen time

How it works

Connect a card

Use any of your debit cards and connect it to your Shilling Account.

Select a Portfolio

We built custom portfolios which you can select to invest in. All these portfolios have companies you know and love. Distinguished by risk tolerance.

Set your time frequency

Determine how frequent you would want to be investing into your Shilling Account. For example if you set your frequency to 12 hours, you will be investing in 12 hours intervals of phone screen time.

Set your investment amount

Determine how much you will be investing into your selected Shilling portfolio based off your time frequency. For example If you set your amount to $5 and your time frequency to 12 hours, you will be investing $5 into your Shilling portfolio for every 12 hours of phone screen time.


What will it cost me?

$0.99. Yes, it really is only $0.99 per month.


What will I be investing in?

You will be investing in various ETF portfolios based off your risk tolerance. All underlying assets in the portfolios will be visible to you at all times.

Will I be able to change my time frequency?

Yes, you will be able to make this change in your settings.

What if I don't want to invest?

You will have the option to save using your screen time. Once you connect your bank account, your savings will be locked up in a virtual piggy bank.

Safe & Secure

Shilling accounts are powered by Alpaca DB, a member of FINRA & SIPC. As a member of SIPC, your account is protected up to $500,000 (including $250,000 on claims for cash).

A Thank you token from the Shilling Team

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